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Marine Surveying CASE STUDY for Specialist Module C Surveying of Superyachts

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Diploma in Marine Surveying
CASE STUDY for Specialist Module C
Surveying of Superyachts
You have been engaged to advise a client on the conversion of his classic yacht to be brought into class with an IACS member Classification Society.
The yacht is a 55 metre converted Steam Yacht built in 1946. The register shows her to be measured at 405 GT and she will carry no more than twelve passengers at any time, including the owners.
She was originally built as a steam yacht, with a large boiler room forward of the main engine. She was converted to Diesel power in 1960 and the boiler room incorporated into the owners’ suite.
The forward section, about a quarter of the length of the vessel has been fitted out as crew accommodation and has 6 single berth cabins accessed through a bulkhead door from the main owners’ area. The owners’ suite and guest cabins take up the remaining length to the Steering flat and store at the after 5 metres. The engine room access is midships below the access to the upper deck and wheelhouse marine science assignment help. Aft of the wheel house is a large deck house containing the main lounge and dining areas with the galley below the upper deck on the port side just ford of the steering flat. Stores are below the galley.
The Owner wishes to bring the yacht in to class and to use her for commercial charter.
a) List the conventions that will apply to the vessel in commercial use. (20%).
b) Describe your immediate thoughts with regard to bringing this ship into class. (30%).
c) Write a detailed report to the owner laying out the actions required to bring the ship into class and making your suggestions as to how this can
be achieved without destroying the classic character of the yacht. (50%)
Word count target is 3000 words

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