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Short vs Long Essays

A 500, 525 or 600 words essay entails 2-3 pages of writing. Normally one focuses on one point in planning so as to cover the main ideas clearly as it is a short essay. The average 1000 words essay pages occupies A4 sheets. Writing such an essay requires identifying a topic, engaging is extensive research so as to understand it deeply and planning your thoughts to come up with the best output with regards to the given instructions. You should try to find the common ground between the instructions and your interpretation. The research process is facilitated by the myriad library and online sources. One can also read an example essays from the internet then paraphrase the ideas embodied to come up with your own opinion.

The basic process of writing an essay entails preparing an outline of your essay. Generally the essay structure includes:

  • Introduction (2-5 sentences)
  • Main body (3-5 sentences per body paragraph; 2-4 body paragraphs)
  • Conclusion (2-3 sentences)

One factor to not about the introduction is to captivate the reader so that they can proceed reading the essay. One should not preempt everything on the introduction of a 1000 words essay. It should be intriguing and provocative

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Shakespeare could have been right when he said that a sword was not as mighty as the pen. However, he forgot to say that a pen alone could not make one an effective writer. This is made clear when a lecturer instructs his/her students to write an essay. These essays include short coursework discussion, responses, term papers, report papers, dissertations, annotated bibliography, film analysis and article critiques among many others in form of homeworkFrom these assignments and especially due to short deadlines, it is clear that most students don’t have a clear idea on how to for instance write a 700-1000 words essay or  write a 1050-1400 words essay on management, health care or any other subject. This means that even in a simple 2-3 pages paper, many will perform dismally as they don’t have the required knowledge of drafting good essays that impress their instructors. A worse case scenario is when a student is unable to complete an easy and cheap assignment due to contained or limited schedule.  This is attributed to busy students study timetable as well as internship and overall full time job working hours. Shrewd students however do not find this as a challenge as once they are requested to write a 300-400 words essay, they have online experts who help them. With the advent of custom writing services, there has been an ever-growing number of firms that offer  academic essays writing services online at affordable prices , thus its imperative to order for a “write an essay” paper. This has made it easier for students to venture in other fields that they would not have had time to.  Despite this progress, there remains a great challenge in identifying reliable custom writers.

At our firm, we have made it possible for our clients to view the testimonials by other clients. This helps in building confidence in the customer that the services we offer are of high quality.From the testimonials, you will find for instance a client who needed help to write an 8-10 pages essay in a span of six hours and he/she was satisfied with the final paper we delivered to them. This means that even the most urgent papers will be handled professionally by a team of dedicated and experienced essay writers who will never delay in service delivery. Our experience over the past six years has seen us handle some of the most complex and urgent orders from clients around the world. You therefore never have to worry when time is catching up with you. All you need to do is contact us and place an order like; ‘I need someone to write for me a 2 pages essay,Write a 700-word paper, I need a 1-2 page essay in APA format ’and a proficient essay writer will be assigned to handle your work of writing an essay immediately.

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